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A brief history on how Mission Church was started

Our Ministry

“Short Version”

     1978, God lead Chief Apostle Aaron Raley and his wife Leading Lady Mary Raley into the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina.  The purpose was to preach and teach God’s Word to the lost, abused and hurt souls.  The Lord saved, set free and delivered. 

     Chief Apostle and Leading Lady Raley with their six children established church services within their home.  The late Minister James Stinson who served as the Assistant Pastor, his wife the late Mother Kathleen Stinson and their children became a part of the church.  With great growth in the Raley’s home the Holy Spirit directed Chief Apostle Raley to go and seek a building.

     The church moved to 1509 Haywood Court. After two years of worshipping at this location and the members became overwhelming in size we moved to 1509 Westerly Hills Dr.  After three years we moved to 3410 Wilkinson Blvd. and worshipped there four years. As Mission Church grew and ran out of space, Chief Apostle and Leading Lady Raley began to pray. The Lord gave Chief Apostle Raley a vision, and plans were being developed for a larger and new location.

     1997, something great and magnificent took place, the Lord blessed where Mission Church moved into their brand new facility which was built from the ground up right here at 3039 Amay James Avenue.  We are not only growing in numbers, but spiritually where the Lord is allowing us to become more than conquerors because we are in Christ Jesus.

     We look forward in new members becoming a part of Mission Church’s history. We are a Church that reaches all people regardless of their sex, race, religion, creed or background. The main goal is to win souls for Christ, and to meet the spiritual needs of the people.

Our Leaders

Ministorial Staff


Minister Stover


Minister Sabrina Williams


Elder Tony Williams


Minister Maurice Raley


Elder Robert Caudle


Elder Derry Gleaton

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